How CDL Works



Step 1 Beverage Filler

Wholesaler supplies to retailers. The 10 cent deposit and an agreed handling fee is included in the wholesale price of the beverage.

The deposit and handling fee is retained by the beverage filler or their agent who operates as the super collector. This is held until the deposit containers are returned to them to be recycled.


Step 2 Retailer (Hotels, Delicatessens, Supermarkets etc)

Supply consumers. The 10 cent deposit and handling fee is included in the retail price paid by the consumer for the beverage.


Step 3 Consumer (or community groups)

Return deposit containers to collection depot for full payment, 10 cent deposit.


Step 4 Collection Depot

Sort the containers by material and responsible agent, i.e. Glass, aluminium, PET, into containers for return to the super collector.

Marine Stores Pty Ltd
Lion Nathan / SA Brewing, Coopers and CUB products

Statewide Recycling
Coca Cola, Schweppes, and companies marketing a wide range of boutique beers, spring waters etc. (cans, PET and non refillable glass containers)

Cans - Back to Marine Stores Pty Ltd
Glass - Culleted and delivered to the Beneficiation Plant

Cans, PET, liquid paperboard , other plastics and steel cans back to Statewide Recycling the super collector

Super Collectors
Once containers are sorted, they are sent back to the super collector, agent for the recycling of material and auditing.

Approved Super Collectors are:

  • Statewide Recycling
  • Flagcan Distributors
  • Marine Stores Pty Ltd

Super Collector pay the collection depot back the 10 cent deposits which they paid out to the consumer in step 3, plus an agreed handling fee.