South Australians Favour CDL


A recent survey showed that 98% of respondents support the container deposit scheme with an overwhelming majority perceiving the scheme to be effective in reducing litter, encouraging the recycling and reuse of drink containers as well as reducing the number of containers going to landfill.

Furthermore, research indicates that South Australians support extension of Container Deposit Legislation to a broader range of potential items regularly identified in the litter stream.

The container deposit system has developed significant, but not always obvious, benefits for South Australia. The impact on the community and the environment would be negative and contrary to best recyclable recovery practices should the legislation be reversed.

Benefits include jobs for many South Australians with over 126 recycling depots operating throughout the State. Charities and Community Groups also benefit by subsidising funding income through collections and payment for beverage containers.

CDL is an important tool in achieving diversion of solid waste from landfill and promotes the ethos of Extended Producer Responsibility.

Opponents of CDL often sight price disadvantage and high collection costs being directly related to CDL. They also promulgate the theory that CDL has not reduced the number of items embraced by CDL in the litter stream.

Research clearly shows that such arguments and statements are incorrect.

South Australian beverage prices are comparable to all States. We have the highest collection rates of beverage containers in Australia, and there are less CDL beverage containers in the litter stream.

Importantly, Local Government in South Australia supports CDL and works with the Recycling Industry and Community to ensure that the benefits of litter reduction and recycling are maximised.