Why CDL is Effective


Tonnage rates achieved in South Australia for beer bottles, soft drink glass and plastic soft drink containers are far in excess of those achieved in other States of Australia.

Cans and PET returned by consumers awaiting collection for aggregation and recycling
South Australia recovers at least one third more aluminium cans than other States, where collection is influenced by the market value of the metal.

South Australia leads the nation in the recovery, recycling and litter reduction of beverage containers with a current, overall return rate of 76.5%. With the refund scheme, beverage containers make up only 2.2% of litter.
In 2015–16, more than 582 million containers (43,165 tonnes) were recovered by collection depots for recycling. This means that $58 million was refunded to the community during that period.

Container Deposit litter is less than 1% of total litter in South Australia.

Through CDL, South Australian presents materials for recycling which are of the highest quality in the nation.